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Communiqués de presse

Partage international,
Communiqué de presse n° 68
Avril 2004

Ce communiqué de presse a été envoyé aux médias en anglais ( Pour une traduction en français, cliquez sur 30 ans)

Partage international, communiqué de presse n°68, avril 2004     
Share International news release no. 68, April 2004

Share International Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization in association with the Department of Public Information at the United Nations

The story that won't go away

30 years of bringing a message of hope to the world

For 30 years Benjamin Creme has been telling the world about the most hopeful message of our time - that at this critical crossroads in human history a group of benign, enlightened teachers are emerging from Their remote retreats, to teach and inspire humanity to live together in unity and co-operation.  At Their head is Maitreya, the World Teacher, long-awaited by religious groups as Christ, Maitreya Buddha, Krishna, the Messiah, and the Imam Mahdi. The well-known esotericists Helena Blavatsky and Alice A.Bailey foretold this event in their writings in the early 20th century.
Benjamin Creme is internationally known for his grasp of the complex problems of today, inter-relating economic, political, social and spiritual issues. His unique insights create an all-embracing picture of world affairs, inspiring a sense of hope in the millions around the world who have heard his information. (Lecture next Tuesday 6 April: see details below.)

Journalist Mick Brown describes, in his book The Spiritual Tourist, a lecture in 1984:
"Perhaps a hundred people had crammed into a back room, seated on metal chairs - a curious assortment: people one would have taken for students or social workers; middle-aged women buttoned up in overcoats ."I found myself warming to Mr Creme enormously. He was a wonderful speaker, addressing the audience in a relaxed, affable Scottish lilt, peppering his monologue with jokes and the occasional self-deprecating aside. He spoke of all this - of Maitreyas and hierarchies and days of reckoning - as if it was the most natural thing in the world; extraordinary, certainly; of the utmost importance, no doubt. But implausible? Ludicrous? Fanciful and far-fetched? Not in the least. It was clear that Mr Creme believed every word that he was saying. And at that moment, my curiosity was hooked."

Journalist Patricia Pitchon describes, in her book Searching for Maitreya, a lecture in 1982:
"[During the blessing from Maitreya] I saw Mr Creme surrounded by a beautiful light, which created an outline not only for his body but also for the bodies of the first two or three front rows of the audience. His face seemed to disappear, and ... I found myself staring at a magnificent and entirely different visage: a man with high cheekbones, golden-brown skin, medium-sized, well-shaped nose and mouth, and immense, dark eyes. As this visage entered my direct line of vision, I felt powerful streams of energy pouring from it and entering my heart. I actually felt as if someone had lit a torch to the entire region of my chest.
"This energy had an unmistakable quality: it was the purest love. I was struck by the purity and power of the being who looked straight at me, and from whom, inexplicably, emanated this extraordinary current of love. This vision lasted for about 20 minutes ... I was motionless. The powerful current of love which flowed into my heart filled me with wonder .  At the end of this blessing, the light disappeared around Benjamin Creme; everything was back to normal."
Patricia Pitchon later recognized the same face outside the window of a restaurant in Brick Lane:  "... I suddenly found myself staring straight at the face of the man whom I had seen in the vision two and a half years earlier during 'Maitreya's blessing' at Benjamin Creme's lecture.
He was unmistakably the same man; his face was identical. I had never forgotten that visage and could recall it at will any time effortlessly. But this time it was no vision. He was there, in full physical presence."

First-hand accounts

Coming from all walks of life, members of the audience often remark how their lives have changed since hearing Benjamin Creme's 'message of hope'.
The following selection of edited accounts describe the experiences of people attending his lecture for the first time. (Complete versions are available on request.)

J. O., Dublin, CA, USA (Payroll processing manager)
... My first Benjamin Creme lecture was a life changing experience for me. I thought: 'At last, someone is telling me the TRUTH about the Christ, about the evolution of man towards mastery; the reasons for the terrible tension in the world due to lack of love and sharing of the
world's resources.' To hear about the presence and guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy was like a huge weight being lifted from my mind, which was so very concerned about the future for the planet and for humanity ... I was never the same person after that lecture.

A. J., London, UK (Physics teacher)
. Then I noticed a rather amazing thing: as his eyes moved from person to person I noticed his entire visage disappear beneath a glowing orb of brilliant yellow or golden light. It only lasted maybe one or two seconds but it was a very definite experience and I could not convince
myself that I somehow imagined it - it definitely happened . I am a trained scientist with two degrees in physics and have a general approach to life that says that the only healthy mind is a sceptical one. It gradually seemed to me that there was 'enough to go on' to take his story seriously and keep an open mind about its possible truth.

G. F., London, UK (Nurse)
... The room at Friends Meeting House was bustling with lots of people: all ages, backgrounds, people on their own, groups of friends. It was relaxed, yet buzzing . What was so unusual about his talk was the way he connected so many subjects together: solving the outer problems of the world alongside esoteric truths. He spoke in a calm, detached way, never sounding fanatical or trying to persuade us he was right ... Mr Creme's lecture was so inspiring ... [and I] left infused with hope, for which I was very grateful. That first lecture changed my life and I now think of my life as having two distinct parts: before and after I knew what I heard that evening. It was like stepping into reality, and at last seeing where we were heading.

T. W., Milton Keynes, UK
. The element of the talk that focused on the esoteric teachings gave me what was the most complete explanation I have ever heard about how the universe works at the perceivable and unperceivable levels . There were no isms and that drew me straight away. The fact that Mr Creme was effectively saying 'test this for yourself to see if it rings true for you' was also a very refreshing change. Most peddlers of religions, or belief systems, don't ask that question so this was another very refreshing change from anything I had heard before. Also I was not being tapped for money ...

M. P., Newark, DE, USA
[During the blessing] I was ready to walk out because I came to hear Mr Creme speak, but instead of speaking, he was moving his head back and forth with no apparent purpose.  As I was about to stand to leave, Mr Creme 'looked' at me. I was transported instantaneously to the deepest state of near breathless transcendence I'd ever experienced. I stayed. Being a scientist, I needed to verify that my experience the previous year would be repeated. When Mr Creme 'looked' at me, I was again instantaneously transported to the transcendent.  I have followed his story for some 28 years now and am totally convinced of the truth of what he says ...

I. L.G., London, UK (Researcher)
. During the meditation, Benjamin Creme looked at each of us, and waves of energy flowed from him. On the first three visits I was able to see these energies, the first time as white light filling the room, so bright that the figures of the audience fell away, only their outline
remaining visible, and Mr Creme was enveloped in a pulsating glow of light which reached the ceiling. Opening and closing my eyes did not halt the phenomenon. On the second visit the room became infused with rosy-pink, and on my third visit, it was golden. I never experienced this brilliance again, and felt that it was a glimpse behind the veil to give me encouragement .

H. T., Japan (Civil servant)
I attended Benjamin Creme's lecture for the first time at Tokyo in 1991. The lecture hall was rather big and I was surprised that about 500 to 600 seats of the hall were almost filled to capacity. When Mr Creme appeared on the platform he looked a very friendly and warm person ... But once the overshadowing began, his expression changed and looked very
dignified. It seemed that a very deep calmness emanated from him. I thought he seemed to be a great Zen master and was so moved that I felt like running to him and kneeling before him. It was very unusual experience for me (I am not a devotee type at all) . In a word my
impression after listening to the lecture was:  this is authentic!

J. G., London, UK (Author)
The lecturer sat down, and simply began to look directly at each member of the audience in turn. As he did so, a change came over the lecture hall, an extraordinarily deep stillness. It was as though the air subtly changed its consistency, becoming somehow thick with
particles of light drifting through it. Mr Creme himself was surrounded by a pale golden haze of light. I could have sat there for ever . I left the hall feeling touched at some very deep level - and utterly sure that the next Teacher was indeed in the world.  And it felt so good to have His name.

R. E., Worthing, UK (Support worker for people with learning difficulties)
On attending my first talk by Benjamin Creme, what made the lasting impression on me was the sheer compassion that he had when speaking about the starving millions. I can say with all honesty that I (being a member of various Oxfam campaign groups, etc) have never heard a man or woman, spiritual or not, speak with such compassion on behalf of downtrodden humanity.

F. E., Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Teacher)
This was it! This was what I'd been looking for all those years when I read all sorts of books, looked into various disciplines and areas of life trying to find a fully satisfying complete understanding of reality. Philosophy, religion, science (as far as I understood it), political systems, all seemed partial and none seemed truly to connect everything. I knew instantly that this was true. I just knew it. I literally skipped, hopped, jumped, flew along the corridor in Friends House barely suppressing squeals of delight. Such joy - the most joyful day of my life so far.

S. P., Forest Row, UK (Science teacher)
... I am a science graduate and have also rejected a strongly imposed Roman Catholic religious upbringing. I was sceptical and did not know what to expect . During the last blessing, a fiery, golden energy swept through my entire being and I was riveted to my seat. Since then I have been coming to the lectures regularly for the last 13 years.

E. P., Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, UK (Iranian therapist-healer)
... People of every nationality and background were sitting and just listening about the reason why we are born, why things happen to us and that we are not alone. For the first time in my life I felt really happy and free and realised that I have not sinned but made mistakes and it's OK . I try and go every month to Mr Creme's lectures. I call it spiritual nourishment. It's political, it's current affairs, it's spiritual ...

D. E., London, UK (Librarian)
 ... During the overshadowing of Mr Creme and his pronouncement of the final message, a profound calm and hush descended on the audience . I felt uplifted, comforted and nourished not only by the atmosphere, but also by the words of optimism and hope for humanity . This was a biblical story brought right up to date with current information, filling the void which had sent me running from organized religion in my late teens. Here was a humanitarian perspective of global politics and economics, and a proposal for the realistic changes required to set the world to rights. This was not a revolutionary call to arms, but a call to ordinary people to see their role in events, the part they could play in implementing sharing and justice, in ending hunger in the world ...

Benjamin Creme lecture on Maitreya's emergence
Friends House 173 Euston Road, London NW1 (opposite Euston station)
Tuesday 6 April  7-9.30pm (doors open 6.30 - admission free)

Pour tout complément d'information :

Share International, PO Box 3677, London, NW5 1RU  2881
or visit:

Conférence de B. Creme en France: le 17 avril 2004 à Paris (voir notre site)

Background information

For 30 years artist, author and lecturer Benjamin Creme has been preparing the way for the biggest event in history - the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher and His group. Millions of people around the world have heard his information and wait expectantly for this momentous event.
Since 19 July 1977 Maitreya has been living in the Asian community of London, gradually emerging before the public. Long awaited by all faiths under different names, Maitreya is the World Teacher for all people, religious or not.
Maitreya's 'roving ambassador' Benjamin Creme travels the world spreading his message of hope and creating a climate of expectancy for Maitreya's emergence. Trained and supervised over many years by his own Master, with whom he is in constant telepathic contact, Benjamin Creme has access to up-to-date information on Maitreya's emergence, giving him the total conviction needed to present this story to a sceptical world.
As a modern man concerned with today's problems, Maitreya works behind the scenes of our changing world. The outpouring of His extraordinary energy has been the stimulus for dramatic developments on many fronts: the ending of the cold war; the break-up of the Soviet Union; the unification of Germany; the ending of apartheid in South Africa; the growing power of the people's voice, leading to demands for freedom and justice; and the worldwide focus on preserving the environment.
Outwardly Maitreya has met with influential leaders from all fields, informing them of His solutions to our pressing problems. His message can be summarized as: "Share and save the world." He has not come to found a new religion but as an educator in the broadest sense. He will seek to inspire humanity to see itself as one family, and to create a civilization based on sharing, economic and social justice, and global co-operation.
For those who seek signs of His coming, Maitreya has manifested miracles worldwide, touching the hearts of millions and preparing them for His imminent appearance.
With Maitreya and His group working openly in the world, offering Their guidance and teachings, humanity is assured not only of survival but of the creation of a brilliant new civilization.
According to Benjamin Creme, we do not have long to wait to see Him. Soon, Maitreya will be interviewed on major US television and His open emergence will begin. Creme regularly lectures worldwide, and appears on television and radio - in the USA alone he has been interviewed on more than 300 radio and television shows. He is author of 10 books - translated into 11 languages - and is editor of Share International magazine which circulates in 70 countries. He receives no money for any of this work.
Benjamin Creme offers a positive view of the future - a message of hope for the world.

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